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Mobile Development

Provide your business with a mobile application. InnovateSurprise your business clients and motivate your staff. Appsolution will provide your company with the perfect B2B and B2C applications. With these custom apps, your internal and end external processes will be managed easily.

Thanks to its unique expertise in Belgium, AppSolution and EASI offer you a wide range of mobile packs. These B2B and B2C packs, thought and customized for your company, can both bring together a specific application and a range of pack options.

Here are some examples :

  • Module News.
  • RSS Module Reception.
  • XML Module Push.
  • Module Map.
  • Module Legal.
  • Module Common.
  • Module online shop

We develop native applications on all existing platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and SmartTV. We also provide all type of hybrid development.