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Ice Phone

Get 20th century telephonic style with a 21st century twist!

You’ve gone retro with the Ice-Phone handset and stand... now complete the transformation by giving your smart phone a genuine rotary dial! Dial in the “old fashioned way” while still making use of your mobile device’s very latest features.

PLUS - The Ice-Phone app will flood your smart phone screen with colour, and match it to your handset and stand. How cool is that?


Features :

  • Original rotary dial phone dial.
  • Operate just as you would a retro rotary dial phone.
  • Same ring tone, same dial tone as last century.
  • Match your phone screen with your Ice-Phone stand and handset.
  • Brighten and update your contact list with matching colour.

iOS / Android

Download on the AppStore

iOS version 1.3.0

Ice Phone - iOS
Download on Google Play

Android version 1.1.0

Ice Phone - Android