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Bernar iSlaire (aka Yslaire ), Laurence Erlich and Casterman present the first fiction magazine for iPad and iPhone crossing cartoon, photo story , blog and items of " news " on Europe 2032 .

  • A series hybrid digital format crossing cartoon and news magazine on political science in 2032 and Europe. With false news told by real French and Belgian journalists Liberation du Soir , actual images of cartoon characters, misleading advertising, authentic scientific or architectural utopias, and a comic book that reveals the inner face of the characters...
  • Each item, each video, each drawing , built the plot of this series of ten months and ten numbers. Started in January 2032, it ends in October with the election by universal suffrage of the first real European president. Near real time, but with twenty years apart... Meanwhile , Anna Pravda Blogger rebel, has investigated and perhaps revealed the truth of presidential candidate, Angel Stern. And Lucy D. psychologist to the stars, will have no doubt loved. Meanwhile as you know all about Jules De Gaulle , cloning of the future, and despite the censorship EuGeNeo endangering freedom of expression, you find the whole story of UROPA .
  • A story at several levels of reading : a detective story combined with a critique of political and moral evolution of Western societies : a subject that echoes the 2012 elections in France , the future of Europe.
  • Many enhancements : ( texts, drawings, collages , videos, soundscapes , based on a blog and social networks) .
  • An innovative narration, a bold navigation in 3D.
  • The contribution of personalities (among others) : Philippe Geluck , Jean Claude Carrière , Benoît Peeters, Jean Quatremer - Liberation, Daniel Couvreur - Le Soir , Jaco Van Dormael ... and Anna Pravda.

€ 1.59 , introductory price for the first issue of the magazine!


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iOS version 1.3.0

Uropa - iOS