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Get to know ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation, its mission, its activities and of course the ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, held 23-27 September 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. 
In early 2012 the application will give similar access to EBCC 8, the European Breast Cancer Conference to be held 21-24 March 2012 in Vienna, Austria. 

Main features 

In the ECCO section you get: 

  • latest news to and from the European Oncocommunity 
  • latest news from ecancermedical science and from the European Journal of Cancer 
  • latest news for the media 
  • general information about ECCO 
  • and you can share from the App your comments on Facebook or Twitter or e-mail 

In the congress section you can: 

  • search and browse (offline) through the full congress programme, including sessions, posters, satellite symposia, exhibition 
  • update your iPod, iPhone or iPad calendar with your selected sessions 
  • rate and mark sessions as favourite 
  • take notes, tweet or email your comments from the App 
  • plot on the venue map your selected sessions 
  • browse through the interactive exhibitors list and highlight favourites on the map 
  • receive online push notifications about possible programme or schedule changes 
  • maintain your own profile


iOS / Android

Download on the Appstore

iOS version 1.2.0

Ecco - iOS
Download on the AppStore

iOS version 1.2.0

Ecco - iOS

Android version

Ecco - Android